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Helpful Directions On How To Write A Dissertation On Education 

Writing a dissertation is a both challenging and rewarding experience. This is your chance to add something new to the existing knowledge in your field of study and prove that you are competent enough to work in the niche. To write a strong dissertation on education, you should raise an interesting research question in the field, explore the issue from different sides, and prove your position and represent your ideas in the most effective way. Make use of the following helpful directions and do your best:

  • Pick your topic.
  • The topic of your doctoral paper should be interesting and manageable. It is important to stay focused in the process of work. Therefore, your research question should be narrow enough. What area in the field is the most appealing to you? Would you like to explore education of a particular age group? Are you interested in how teachers are educated? Do you want to look deeper into technological innovations in the industry? Whatever topic you choose, make sure that it can be explored even more and that you can shed new light on at least one aspect of it.

  • Organize your time..
  • Break an overwhelming task of writing your dissertation into several manageable stages. Allot certain periods of time to each of them and, to be on the safe side, leave some extra time before the deadline. For example, you may come up with the following stages:

    • Reviewing literature;
    • Deciding on methodology;
    • Identifying primary and secondary sources;
    • Analyzing materials;
    • Writing;
    • Proofreading and editing.
  • Structure your paper correctly..
  • As a rule, dissertations consist of the following sections:

  • Introduction;
  • Literature review;
  • Methodology;
  • Results and analysis;
  • Discussion;
  • Conclusion;
  • Bibliography and appendices.
  • Write your dissertation..
  • It is not necessary to write your introduction at first. Start with the chapter that is the easiest for you at the moment. For example, do the literature review of your education question if you are in the mood to do it now. Or, as soon as the results of your experiment are ready, compose your results and analysis chapter. Remember that each chapter of your project should be written as a separate essay, but all of them should focus on one and the same educational research problem.

  • Polish your work..
  • Leave enough time to proofread and edit you dissertation. Read your paper attentively and ask your friend to read it not to miss any mistakes or typos. Format your work according to all requirements. Print it out and have it bound.

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