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The Meaning Of A College Thesis: 4 Basic Tips

When you are in college, you need to work harder and give more attention to each assignment as compare to what you did in school. The professors and teachers have higher expectations from you and want you to focus on more details and think critically. A thesis is your stance or position that you develop for a certain subject or topic. This is also referred to as an argument in some cases. It is important to remember that different subjects and academic levels have different requirements for the students. Some universities want the students to format their papers while others do not. Some teachers will want an essay or thesis of a longer word count while others may want a shorter paper in length. The resources you use to collect relevant data for your paper also change with the instructor preferences. It is very essential to keep the instructions in mind and stick to them if you want to write a winning paper.

What is a thesis?

A thesis statement is the main stance that you develop for your paper and it shows how you will prove your stance in a precise manner. This is different from an argument because an argument does not show why this is true or how you will prove it. A thesis is specific and precise and shows the readers the basic purpose of your assignment.

Importance to the writer

  1. It is easier to find your road map for the writing
  2. It helps you find a clear direction and focus for the paper
  3. It is easy to hook your audience and add their interest when you have this statement
  4. It helps in maintaining the overall direction of your paper

Importance to the reader

  1. The reader figures out what to expect from the paper
  2. It shows the key features of your research
  3. Keeps their interest in the paper
  4. Helps them identify the purpose of the paper

How to write a good thesis

  1. Know the main focus of your paper and find a potential gap that you want to address
  2. If the paper asks you a question then you should turn that into an assertion
  3. Find valid and strong reasons for developing this stance
  4. Give an argument for the paper
  5. Show why this argument is valid or right
  6. Be specific and clear

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