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The Top 20 Strong Dissertation Topics In Marketing

Congratulations on having the courage and the will to have embarked on a dissertation writing service. Unless you are naïve or have been fooled in some way, you know that this is a long and arduous journey. Topic selection and development is just one of the many time consuming and nerve wrecking tasks that dissertation writing is composed of. It is better to learn how to keep your nerves and patience intact in the beginning: At the topic selection stage. One thing that goes in your favor is that you are going to be researching a very interesting field. Marketing is an all-time favorite of most business students.

You can quickly determine your inclinations while brainstorming alone or with a colleague or supervisor. Be sure to stick with an area that excites and intrigues you. You will end up in misery if you go by outside advice and negate your own preferences. The reason is simple. You are going to spend A LOT of time with your topic. The only way to keep your sanity and life is to work with something that works for you!

Here are 20 strong dissertation topics that may help you develop your own:

  1. Consumer Psychology: Do consumers develop a dislike towards an overly marketed product?
  2. Colors in marketing: How colors make or break a brand.
  3. Brand building: Is having two or more companies under the same brand name a good strategy?
  4. Social media marketing.
  5. Below The Line marketing techniques: What works and what does not.
  6. Food & restaurant marketing.
  7. Fashion and marketing.
  8. The manipulative role of marketing in business.
  9. Is marketing about telling lies and exaggerating truths?
  10. Can marketing help a product in a stagnant economy?
  11. Why do banks need marketing?
  12. Marketing the morbid: Coffin business marketing.
  13. Impact of marketing on social behaviors.
  14. The impact of smells on consumer behavior.
  15. ATL marketing: Why it still works?
  16. Ecofriendly/Green Marketing strategies.
  17. Sexism in advertisements.
  18. Pricing strategies in marketing.
  19. Keys to a successful marketing business.
  20. When marketing backfires.

You can find other topic lists online that give some great ideas for your dissertation. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no shame in asking for help. Seek professional help when your dissertation becomes too much for you to handle.

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