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Education Dissertation Topics: A List Of Fresh Ideas For Students

Dissertations argue in defense of the document's presented thesis, written and later submitted in support of the author's candidacy for an academic degree or professional qualification. Dissertations are written to compile the author's research, evaluation and other findings about their selected topic, generally a topic relating to their field of study.

Selecting an appropriate topic for a dissertation also presents itself as a troublesome opportunity for students. Education students, in particular, have various topics to select. Of course, narrowing down one topic is tricky without a little guidance.

Topics For Education Dissertations ~ A List Of Fresh Ideas for Students

Education is a broad field that's rich with different topics of study. The following sections contain ideas for writing a dissertation about several facets of education.

Dissertation Topics: Primary School

  • Are money management and business studies appropriate for primary school children?
  • Do schools need to 'de-empathize' math and language studies to help more children evade difficulties with the curriculum?
  • Do primary schools need to stop relying on standardized testing in order to measure their performance levels?
  • Is today's primary school curriculum more suited to the industrial age than the information age?
  • Does the Montessori teaching method benefit children under twelve more than traditional schooling methods?
  • Should primary school learning more in a 'self-directed' direction, as primary school education works under the Montessori teaching method?

Dissertation Topics: Collegiate or High School

  • Should standardized testing still exist within the secondary school system?
  • Are wealth management and entrepreneurship related courses suitable for a high school curriculum?
  • Do apprenticeship and vocational training programs in high schools have a place in today's secondary schooling system?
  • Do struggling students do better if placed with high achieving students in the same class?

Dissertation Topics: College and University

  • Should today's business management and administration degrees focus more on entrepreneurship?
  • Are today's university and college courses more suited to the industrial age than the information age?
  • Should tertiary education be universal, in a similar way as primary and secondary education?
  • Do graduates with no practical experience do better in the first few years of their career than those with more work experience but no degree?

Note: Dissertation topics are best when they're focused on one subject. In fact, students are always encouraged to write about one topic instead of attempting to cover several topics at once. Focusing on one topic allows the author to successfully complete their work within the course of their degree studies—and all without compromising their dissertation's quality.

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