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How To Brainstorm Great Sport-Related Dissertation Ideas

Getting an idea of what to write in your dissertation is not always an easy task. Brainstorming has proven an effective way of generating ideas on academic papers. Brainstorming is characterized by the following:

  1. No organization- do not be worried about order and precision. All the ideas that come to mind should be included in a rough paper. These ideas are not placed in any particular order and neither are they related.
  2. The process does not fit everyone- there are sequential and left brain thinkers who are more attracted to order. It this style of generating ideas feels strange to you, do not pursue it. This has led experts to develop ways of brainstorming depending on your characteristic and personality.

Brainstorming for Right Brains

This is a personality type that makes them comfortable with several shapes, patterns and ideas. The persons are not afraid of chaos. They have an artistic side that loves to create and can rely on anything from cluttered ideas to clay. If you are this kind of person, this is the procedure.

  • Pick a piece of paper and write the main idea in the middle.
  • Write the thought that relate to the idea in no particular pattern.
  • After exhausting the ideas, use such prompters as who, what and when to generate more or expound on the existing ones. Take a break after exhausting the ideas.
  • Upon returning to the table, identify thoughts that are related. Some will have more ideas than others.
  • Group the related ideas and use them to find a topic that is easy to work on.

Brainstorming for Left Brains

These are individuals who prefer a certain order. The bullet method is the most appropriate for them.

  • With a piece of paper, assign a title or topic to your project.
  • Think about three or four categories that relate to the main topic and write them with several spaces in between.
  • Fill the sub topics with as much information as possible and take a break.
  • After the break, refer to the subtopics and identify a pattern that you will use to develop your dissertation.

The process of brainstorming allows you to start from what is unknown towards the known. Graphic representation allows you to relate ideas using arrows, colors and shapes. This method can be used in academic work for all levels of education.

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