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Selection Of 20 Undergraduate Dissertation Topics On Geography

Students who have chosen to pursue the subject geography into its higher levels should be commended for their wit and courage simply because this subject is no walk in the park. Just knowing how to prepare a suitable dissertation is certainly not a high enough academic proficiency that is necessary for creating a geography dissertation.

It is my belief that, with ample practice, one would be able to successfully construct an excellent paper based on this topic. The list of twenty titles below should be sufficient for you to write upon for practicing purposes. Do not only tackle the ones you find easy alone, maintain a good mix for best results.

  1. It is always a good idea to touch on the quantitative and qualitative methods of approaching the study of urban geography.
  2. Are the methods that governments use to define different parts of a country a little too archaic to meet current infrastructural requirements?
  3. Is it a good idea to do extensive work on certain parts of a nation in order to increase the security of citizens?
  4. Can other cities around the world adopt the green top structures found in Singapore?
  5. Discuss the technological expertise that it took to construct the Hong Kong national airport.
  6. Compare the different types of rooftops that various countries build and explain why was such a method used.
  7. Will cutting down trees affect a nation if the land is covered majorly by trees?
  8. Should there be greater efforts from the government of a nation to maintain the main waterways?
  9. Could agriculture be used to shape a piece of land into something completely different from the original?
  10. Is there technology existing out there that could considerable reduce the effects of major storms and natural disasters.
  11. Will there be any change in the geography syllabus when new concepts and discoveries arise?
  12. Could certain fishing techniques damage the coastal region of a fishing island?
  13. What part does geography play within the decision water authorities make as to where their wells would be dug?
  14. Was crop dusting planes effective in the maintenance of certain waterways within the cultivated land?
  15. Does it matter what area people choose to live in? Can location negatively affect citizens?
  16. Should pitch lakes be mined over their limit of production?
  17. How deep must miners go before they deem the location empty?
  18. Could climate change have negative effects for most tropical nations?
  19. Can people build structures over water and stay at a safe distance from any danger?
  20. If the crude oil gets depleted from a certain region would there be dire consequences in other parts of the world?
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