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Academic Writing Made Simple: The Top 20 Fresh Ideas For A Dissertation Topic

Here are some fresh ideas for your dissertation topic. Be sure to choose one that is relevant to your degree program so that you can get your dissertation proposal approved.

  1. How are global businesses performing today compared to how they were in the past?
  2. How has current advances in technology influenced the global economy?
  3. Are there some universal images that make it easy for customers all over the World to understand what the product is?
  4. How important is branding on the international market?
  5. Should there be different rules and regulations for businesses in new emerging industries?
  6. What business strategies can be used to increase the morale of employees in underdeveloped countries?
  7. What educational techniques work best at integrating a child with ADHD into a classroom?
  8. What programs can be developed to ward off the negative effects of stereotyping that parents instill in their kids?
  9. How does organizational growth and performance relate to each other?
  10. How effective would online businesses be if they implemented virtual stores instead of lists of products?
  11. How can a company effectively integrate e-commerce business with their brick and mortar business without losing sales?
  12. How effective would an e-human resource department be to a large corporation?
  13. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a CSR consultant?
  14. What are some ways a company can increase their productivity through how they treat their staff?
  15. How effective are incentive programs in warding off unnecessary safety issues?
  16. What strategies can be used to increase employee engagement in everyday operations?
  17. Are there better procedures for preventing theft?
  18. What causes deviance in a business?
  19. What measures can be taken to protect assets from the officers of the company?
  20. How are international managers different from domestic managers?

These are just some topics that you can use to write your paper. Choose one that caught your eye and start preparing your dissertation proposal for review. The sooner you get that process done; the sooner you can start writing. You don’t want to wait too long to get this done because it will give you less time to work on your actual paper and you really need all of the time you can get on that to make sure that it is done thoroughly.

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