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10 Excellent Accounting Dissertation Topic Ideas To Start With

Before students can graduate from their accounting program, they have to conquer the dissertation. This in-depth research paper encompasses the majority of their grade and is a requirement for graduation. To get the best score on this paper, students will need to spend weeks and months researching a topic. With proper preparation and focus, students can finish their dissertation and move on with their life.

Since students will spend a significant portion of their life on this paper, they need to pick a topic that they are actually interested in. If they like the topic, it will be easier for them to devote their time and effort to the dissertation. In addition, students should look for an original topic idea. They will receive a better grade if they have a completely unique thesis. To find a topic, students should spend some time brainstorming potential ideas. If the student still has problems choosing a topic, they can consider one of the following ten ideas.

The Top Ten Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. To what extent is intellectual capital actually a hidden value on a corporation's financial statement? How can intellectual capital be accounted for?
  2. How does a business education improve the behavior of senior staff at small and medium sized companies? Specifically, how does this change their risk perception and risk aversion?
  3. With the rise of the “green” living movement, some accountants have started offering green accounting services. Evaluate these services at top corporations.
  4. Compare the different methods used in international accounting. How does the United States system of accounting compare to international standards?
  5. Choose two nations and evaluate their audit committees. In particular, students can look at the efficacy of auditing committees in nations like Saudi Arabia and India.
  6. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the entire financial industry has been brought into question. How has the role of the auditor been questioned or modified since the crash of 2008
  7. Use Z score analysis to look at the current and predicted growth patterns for a specific company.
  8. Traditionally, parents passed their business down to their children. Recently, there has been a glut of research about the viability of family-owned corporations over several generations. How profitable are second-generation family-run businesses? How do they compare to the typical corporation?
  9. Over the past few years, more people have switched to using online banking. How has this automated the way financial transactions occur? Will accounting software programs, mobile apps and online banking reduce the necessity of having an actual accountant?
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