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Selecting Interesting Thesis Topics: A Useful Manual

The student must ensure that they speak with their professor and receive instructions on how to write the thesis.

The student has to pick a topic that relates to their field of study and meets the approval of their professor.

Here are some pointers when choosing the right topic for a thesis paper:

  1. Something of interest to you.
  2. Compelling and intriguing idea.
  3. Latest trends and current issues in the news.

Once the topic has been selected and approved by the professor, it is time to write.

Always ensure to do much research on the topic.

The student has to spend at least two weeks conducting research on the topic.

Next, have to organize the research notes into an outline.

Then, take the research outline and begin to write the first draft of the thesis paper.

It is good to do at least three drafts of the thesis before the last one.

With each draft of the thesis paper should do the following:

  1. Have it reviewed by the professor or professional editor for errors in English grammar, spelling of words, and format of sentences.
  2. Whenever a draft has been reviewed and corrections suggested, the student should rewrite the thesis per the corrections.
  3. The finalized draft of the thesis should be checked for errors in English grammar, spelling of words, and format of sentences.

Once the finalized copy has been reviewed and corrected, time to turn it into the professor for grading.

What are some good and excellent topics for the thesis paper?

  • One interesting topic would be the Ebola plague.
  • Another current trending topic is the killing of young black men by police officers.
  • Also, are police too brutal and violent when it comes to interacting with the general public?
  • Do guns kill or do individuals kill?
  • Is it good for little children to be able to use and handle guns?
  • What are the major causes of bullying among teenagers?
  • Why is suicide still a serious problem among young people?
  • When it is okay to rape someone and get away with it?
  • Do police have too much protection from being held accountable for their misconduct?
  • Which is the truth regarding how human beings came to existence: Evolution vs. The Bible?
  • How to improve today‚Äôs economy and the job market?
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