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Fresh Dissertation Topics In Nursing To Consider

Before students can write their paper, they must think of a topic. For the luckier students, the topic is already selected by the teacher. In many classes, the professor will require students to choose a thesis on their own. Fortunately, there are many topic ideas in this field. The field of medicine and nursing is in a process of continuous change. There are always new medicines and surgeries reaching the marketplace. From improved techniques to management methods, students have a number of available topics that they can choose from. To get started on choosing a topic, students should consider some of the following ideas. They can use these topics as they are or modify them into an entirely new thesis.

Topic Ideas

  1. In the 1800s, Ignaz Semmelweis proposed that doctors who went from autopsy to the maternity ward without washing their hands were making people sick. Unfortunately, doctors refused to listen and Semmelweis was tossed in an insane asylum. Are there problems in modern medicine that are similar? Are hand washing rates different for doctors and nurses?
  2. Is it easier for a nurse to get a job overseas? What percentage of the United States workforce in nursing is actually from abroad?
  3. How do nurses help treat chronic illnesses?
  4. What percentage of nurses go on to become doctors? What drives these decisions?
  5. Do modern nurses have to learn more for their position than nurses did in the past?
  6. What have been the major changes in treating the mentally ill over the last 100 years?
  7. What were some of Florence Nightingale's changes that improved the health of soldiers at her hospital?
  8. How has the role of a nurse in modern medicine changed?
  9. Elderly with dementia and other mental illnesses may wander around and grow angry when a nurse directs them back to their room. In Germany, one nursing home creating a fake bus stop for patients to wait at. After a few minutes, they would forget why they were there, grow cold and go back inside. Is this a more humane way of helping the elderly or is it cruel?
  10. What are the ways that a nurse can react to a violent patient?
  11. How many career paths are open to nurses today?
  12. How can nurses ensure the safety of their patients?
  13. What are techniques for ensuring strong working relationships between doctors and nurses?
  14. Are there ways that a nurse can push for prevention instead of just handing out a cure?
  15. How have nursing techniques changed for the treatment of dementia?
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