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Useful Guide On How To Choose Dissertation Topics On Corporate Finance

Choosing the right dissertation topic could make all the difference in how simple your project, for which you dedicate several months, will be accepted by your graduate committee when it is officially reviewed. The easier the topic the least likely it will impress. On the other hand, if it’s too difficult you might be unable to provide quality work and suffer a poor review because of it. Finding the perfect balance is key; so we’ve included a few tips on how to choose a great topic easily:

Go Over Course Syllabus

At the start of the semester you should take a few minutes to review the entire course syllabus. Take note of the sections or areas you will be covering. Look at the recommended and required readings listed. Jot down a few ideas, considering what areas you think interest you and will lead to even more questions. These are the points you will want to focus on as you start to brainstorm for potential dissertation topics.

Talk with Your Advisor

You’re going to be working with your graduate advisor for several months, so you should get into the habit of seeking his or her help whenever you need it. Start early and have a discussion on what you are planning on writing about. You don’t have to have fully developed ideas but bringing a handful of them will get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Check Online for Current Issues

There are a few dedicate corporate finance websites you will want to familiarize yourself with early in your studies. You may have to subscribe to a few to receive updates, newsletters, and even gain access. But the rewards are many if you plan on pursuing a career in this field and will immediately provide you with current issues to consider when you are brainstorming dissertation topics.

Read Seminar Papers

Lastly, there are a number of conferences and seminars that are held on corporate finance each year throughout the country. While you may not be able to attend all of them (if any) you can certainly find ways to access the material that has been presented. Contact the conference organizers for a list of discussions and request copies of any handouts, papers, or essays distributed. Worst case scenario is that you will have to front a small fee, but you’ll have a chance to review some of the most current information around.

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