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An Academic Tutorial On How To Work On Different Dissertation Sections

There are many sections in your dissertation and each is very important to it as a whole but there are a few sections that are more important than others. I’m not talking about the table of context, dedication, acknowledgment, or other sections like this but the ones that will have all of your research in, these are the most important ones.

Dissertation Sections

  • Introduction: The introduction will tell the reader what your field of study you are studying, your research question, hypothesis, and tell them how you are going to investigate the question.
  • The Literature Review: This is where you describe everything that has been done in your field on the subject that you are covering. This can be one or more chapters of your dissertation. Make sure all of the research that you put in this section pertains to the topic that you are covering and to the research question.
  • Methodology: Now you want to remind the reader of the research questions and hypotheses that you have on the subject. Tell them everything you did to investigate the questions and what methods you used to get your answer. This has to be detailed information because you will have to defend it.
  • Findings: Since you have told them everything that you did to get your answers, now you can tell them exactly what you found in your research or experiments. Show them the strengths as well as the weaknesses in your findings. Include all of the analysis and collected data that you got.
  • Evaluation: Now you have to evaluate how well you did at find all the answers to the research questions and whether your hypothesis was right or wrong.
  • Discussion: This section is where you talk about your findings and relate them to the literature review that you did at the beginning of your dissertation. In this sections you don’t want to introduce new literature on the topic, if you want to include it put it in your literature review.
  • Conclusion And Recommendations: This is where you talk about the overall success or failure of your research questions or hypotheses. Here you can also talk about any further research in the field of study or on the subject that you have covered.

The sections of dissertations can vary from school to school, so make sure you know what your school requires because this is just a general set up for a dissertation.

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