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Creating A Dissertation Title Page: 4 Basic Rules

In a dissertation, the title page is an important part of it. This part of your thesis paper enables the readers to get the idea of what is your paper about. This part is also important for the readers to locate your particular writing from the vast ocean of dissertations.

This particular thing will help you to reach your name along with the other particulars about you, to the readers. The readers will come to know about you through the title and will appreciate or recommend with your write-up to others. Never neglect the significance of the rules of this particular content of the page in your dissertation, since this part will help you to get identified by everyone in between several writers who had written on the same topic as you.

In this era of competition , it is very important to get yourself known to others for the sake of your own success. Though there is nothing much to write about in this part, but there are few rules which is necessary to have a look on for this page.

Just check the following recommended rules:

  • In the title, quotations should be avoided but if it is necessary then you can add it. But it should be same in all the documents. Never use acronyms in this part, always write each and every word in full form.

  • The name of the author, I.e., your name should be written properly and should be same everywhere in the whole work of dissertation. Along with your name, mention your educations Degree which you have got while writing this dissertation. Write it in acronyms instead of writing it in full form.

  • Mention the name of the department, school and the faculty from where you belong to. Beside this, you also should mention the program for which you are working on this research work. Try to give the name of the whole program, so that your leaders can get the idea of the whereabouts of your writing. It is very important to mentain the name of the program as it clarifies your work in an excellent way.

  • Last but not the least, mention the year of the copyright along with the year of your semester. Here, the year of the semester means the year when you will submit your final work to the library. At the end of this section, give the statement for 'All rights reserved' in your dissertation.
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