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15 Interesting Dissertation Topics On The Development Of Economics

If you want to get your degree in economics, you need to be ready to write a dissertation. The development of economics covers a wide variety of topics. That’s why many students prefer writing about the evolution of different aspects of economics. To do this, you need to match your research interests with those of your tutor, which means you'll have to develop a good general idea of your dissertation topic.

Where to Search for Interesting Topics for Your Dissertation in Economics

There are many places you can look for great ideas for your academic writing about the development of economics. Make sure you’ve checked the following:

  • A writing center at your college.
  • These usually offer a wide selection of academic papers either written by other students or prepared by professional educators. Here, you will also find plenty of dissertation writing manuals which can serve as perfect examples and provide you with some useful guidelines and instructions.

  • Your academic advisor.
  • Consulting your professor is probably the best way to get some useful advice when choosing a topic on the development of economics. Most tutors can share their experience as well as provide some top-quality topic samples which you can use for your thesis. They can also provide helpful resources and references that you can benefit from.

  • Your college library.
  • Most college libraries offer an enormous amount of printed and electronic versions of theses in various subjects including economics. Check up at the economic development section to find relevant works in this subject. Be sure to check other section as you may find a lot of useful information by going through papers which are closely related to economics.

  • Online lists of topics.
  • On the Web, you will find multiple choices of electronic archives offering hundreds of academic papers in economics. Most of such services provide online helpers and other useful tools to make your search quick and efficient.

A List of Interesting Topics

  1. The importance of infrastructure investment in the economy.
  2. The history of international sales contracts.
  3. The development of the credit rating agencies.
  4. The emerging market.
  5. The development of the African economies.
  6. IPO: the assessment of the risks.
  7. Economic models of the past.
  8. The development of the export potential of (country).
  9. The history of global crises.
  10. The history of the World Bank.
  11. Income inequality and economic growth: a historical overview.
  12. The influence of efficient energy sources on the world economies.
  13. The evolution of the global food market.
  14. Ancient merchants.
  15. The history of public companies.
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