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Top 17 Offbeat Ideas For Your Dissertation On Drugs

Writing a dissertation is one of the most critical academic tasks that you will complete as a student. You may find these assignments tough if you are doing them for the first time. However, if you have already attempted such project in your undergraduate or graduate degree, then it would be easier for you to create your assignment. You will know the overall format and structure of the paper if you have done so before. However, the complexity of the task would change when you promote to higher degrees. For instance, in high school you are not expected to come up with innovative ideas but doctorate or master’s degree must requires you to base your work on your original ideas. You may have an inspiration for the idea but you will have to mention that and give the credit to the cited sources

Topics to use for a winning dissertation

Choosing a topic on drugs is going to be interesting as long as you are passionate about what you do. You should make sure that the topic for your assignment is original and unique. This would create a curiosity for the audience and help to engage them for the rest of your task. Here are a few offbeat ideas to consider when writing a paper on drugs

  1. A comparison of the effects of alcohol and weed on behavior
  2. Why do people smoke cannabis? Is it a cultural influence?
  3. What is tendency of a child to be involved in drugs if one of both of the parents were drug addicts
  4. How do people exposed to drugs and alcohol excel in their practical lives and what difference does it make on social interactions
  5. Is drug use and abuse same thing? Can using drugs ever be a good thing
  6. If drugs are bad then media promoting drugs in any way should also be restricted and controlled
  7. The relationship between poverty, low income households and substance abuse
  8. Clinics in Switzerland allow exact amount of heroin and other drugs to people so that they do not have to feel socially left out
  9. How successful are the strategies used by rehabs and psychiatrists for drug addiction and getting rid of it
  10. Legalizing marijuana
  11. Herbal medication and cannabis
  12. Alcohol as a medication
  13. What causes addiction
  14. Domestic violence and drug abuse
  15. Substance abuse and poor schooling
  16. Drugs and crime
  17. Retaliation and drugs
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