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How To Create A Strong Dissertation Proposal To Impress Your Professor

A dissertation proposal is basically and explained the outline of exactly what you are planning to do in the piece. It lets the instructor know what you are doing, how you are doing it, and what to expect from you when the final draft comes in. The proposal is your first chance to shine and let the instructor know that you are on top of things and have a clear cut idea and a well-thought plan to follow. Your Dissertation proposal needs to include the following things:

  • What your dissertation is going to be about
  • This means that you need to explain you topic, your angle on that topic, and what your thesis is, including the main points.

  • Questions that you will be analyzing and examining
  • You should cover the basic who, what, when, where, and why of your topic. And point out the main questions within the field or topic that are always being asked or remain unanswered. Answering deep questions with a well thought out and the deep answer will make you instructor very pleased. They need to know they you reach beyond the surface if the material and that you are actually thinking about it.

  • A detail of you research methods
  • This is where you talk about what type of sources you will be using for the dissertation. (i.e., books, scholarly journals, experiments, surveys, interview, media, etc.) And for each of the sources, you should give a BRIEF explanation of:

    • Why is the source relevant to the paper?
    • How is it going to help the paper? Meaning, what is the source going to answer or contribute to?

    These are all of the things that must go into the dissertation. And with each one, you need to be thorough and it needs to show that you actually took the time and effort to come up with deep and well thought out answers for all of the questions that are going to be covered in the piece. Think of an iceberg, the top is just the surface where basic information is held, but below that iceberg lies much more that the naked eye cannot see without going deep into the water. You need to dig deep into your sources and through everything that you have learned and read between the lines in order to really impress the professor. The professor should feel enlightened and excited to read to final piece just from reading the proposal.

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