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Free Dissertation Writing Help Online: 10 Topics You Wouldn't Think Of

Many factors will end up influencing your dissertation topic, including what the focus of your doctoral program is, and what funds are available for your research, but choosing a topic can be a daunting task. You’ll likely spend several years of your life researching, reading, and writing about it, so it’s an important decision.

The first consideration for choosing a dissertation topic is your personal interest. Because you’ll be spending so much time with it, you’ll want a topic that you won’t get sick of easily. It’s also crucial to choose a topic that you can structure a sound research methodology for. Many doctoral programs will require that you’re research be structured around testing a hypothesis, analyzing trends in data, or exploring a causal relationship. It’s much easier to come up with a topic that would essentially be a research paper or a literature review than true primary research, which is the purpose of a dissertation. In many ways this is the biggest difference between a dissertation or thesis and the other paper’s you’ve written in college.

If you’re already interested in a specific doctoral program, try looking at what current professor’s, students, and fellows specialize in. This will give you an idea of what areas there are already funding for in the program. Either way, you’ll still need a preliminary idea for a topic before you apply for a program. Though chances are it will change as you start your background research, refine your methodology, and begin working with your research advisor. Even as you choose a topic, you’ll need to be open to it changing.

Here are 10 topics to get you started:

  1. The relationships between HIV/AIDs and natural resource depletion in developing countries.
  2. Ethical challenges in healthcare management with trends of increasing digital record keeping.
  3. Correlations between geography, socioeconomic status, and medication of children with Hyperactive disorder.
  4. How gentrification is affecting environmental justice issues in previously minority, low-income communities.
  5. Strategies for combating prescription medicine addiction of doctors.
  6. Regional differences in oil and gas management in the United States.
  7. Engineering solutions for making pervious pavements price competitive.
  8. Harnessing energy from wastewater treatment processes to make wastewater treatment facilities energy neutral.
  9. Are modular drive-by-wire public transit solutions viable in small, medium, and large cities?
  10. Solutions for making ISO guidelines more accessible for small businesses.
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