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Coming Up With Good Thesis Topic Ideas On Information Technology

Congratulations on taking the decision to study what is arguably one of the most fascinating and constantly evolving subjects out there at the moment. In order to make a lasting impression on your professor with your thesis, you are going to want to come up with a great topic. Preferably one that hasn’t already been done to death, or one that the entire class is doing.

So, how do you break away from the crowd and come up with a thesis that is not only well-written but full of substance? Hopefully, my list of ideas will help point you in the right direction:

  • Has state sponsored terrorism reached a new level with recent hacks on Sony pictures.
  • Can rogue states like North Korea dictate what happens beyond their borders via cyber attacks. Is the fear that they could inflict a lot more damage a good enough reason to curtail our day to day activities such as going to the movies?
  • Examine the recent advances in fingerprint technology. Is there an argument to support wealthy nations like the U.S.A making this technology available free of charge to poorer nations in order to combat terrorism.
  • Is the civilian use of drones acceptable? Is it time to introduce a government-run body to oversee “drone traffic” in a similar way to “air traffic.”
  • Where should people who commit cyberthesi crimes face justice? Should it be in the country where they physically logged into a laptop, or should it be the country that was affected by the crime?
  • Should minors who commit relatively small cyber crimes against the U.S. government really be subjected to the sentences that they are handed. Is it right that foreign nationals should be extradited for trivial crimes against the American government?
  • How can information technology be used to assist in disasters such as the one we have recently seen in Nepal.
  • When does cyber stalking cross the boundary and become a crime?
  • Should smartphones be banned from the work place as they affect productivity?
  • Should the elderly be microchipped?
  • Where would Information technology be right now if Steve Jobs had never been born?
  • Can technology be untaught?
  • How could information technology be used to further our knowledge of the universe without the need for space travel?
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