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What MBA Thesis Topics You Should Definitely Avoid

The MBA thesis will become the focus of your total attention in the last semester year of your graduate school experience. It’s an endorsement each student must seek before he goes ahead with his final year’s project. The route, however, to a successful MBA thesis is through proposal writing, when a student is asked to come up with a topic and submit it for approval. The trick to this is choosing a topic you will be able to stick with for the greater part of the year, and not one that will make your life during those months more difficult than it needs to be. With this being said here are a few MBA thesis topics you should definitely avoid:

A Topic That Doesn’t Interest You

You’ve probably already learned at this point that the papers you have had an easier time completing have been those that you have found interesting from beginning to end. Use this same technique when choosing a topic for your MBA thesis; don’t choose anything that you find boring or don’t care about. You’ll have a harder time staying focused and will likely fall behind schedule.

A Topic You Know Nothing About

Closely related to not choosing something that is uninteresting is not choosing a topic that you have absolutely no idea about. Your last semester of school is the worst time to try and pick up an entirely new topic to learn about. You should have a solid foundation of your topic’s principles, ideas, theories, etc. if you want to write a thesis that effectively contributes to the discussion.

A Topic That Is Too Narrow

By now you should also be aware that choosing a topic that is too narrow can lead to disaster. From experience you may be familiar that trying to eke out a complete essay when you have just a handful of sources is tremendously difficult. For a longer work such as a thesis or dissertation this could be almost impossible. Make sure your topic isn’t too narrow so you can assure yourself an appropriate amount of resources available to use.

A Topic That Doesn’t Relate to Current Affairs

Unlike other fields of study, MBAs are largely interested in current affairs or discussions that can apply to real world scenarios. While your research may lead you to some discussion on business history, you don’t want to emphasize on the past. Your topic should propose an academic and reasonable claim about the present state and the foreseeable future. Don’t get stuck in the past or your thesis will lose its appeal quickly.

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