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How To Find A Good MBA Dissertation Topic Quickly

The Masters of Business Administration is a very popular course of post graduate study which, when it is nearing its end, requires students to engage in a the creation of a complex and long final document known as a dissertation. The selection of a dissertation topic is vital for all of the following reasons:

  • Good topics are easier to write
  • A poorly thought out topic may lead to research that adds little or nothing to the field
  • Many MBA's are earned every year so bad topics will create dissertations that fade into obscurity
  • Topics that are offensive may alienate future employers or prematurely kill off academic careers

Here a few methods that a student with potential can use to come up with better dissertation topics:

Get familiar with the specializations

If for instance your specialization is in Human Resource, delve deeply into the topic with emphasis on its related fields such as Psychology. You may uncover connections that no other student has explored and as a result come up with an idea that no one else has yet seen.

Brainstorm with a group

This can be one of the fastest ways to find an original and usable idea. By working with others you can create ideas that reflect not only your life experience and training but theirs. This will also prevent you from clinging to topics which others can obviously see are unsuitable but you may feel some personal connection to which blinds you to their impracticality.

Buy some options

If you have no time to work on this at all, you can consider hiring an academic content creation company to put together a list of possible topics for you. You would just need to provide them with your criteria and a time frame and once payment is made the list will be delivered to you. Of course you should already be familiar with any company that you would trust to do this. Some writing companies are fronts for identity theft rings and you will gain nothing but trouble from them.

Look at previously successful MBA topics

The desire to be original should not prevent you from noticing a god topic that can be gotten by adjusting someone else’s idea. See how you can approach it differently to make it all your own.

If you fail to get the type of idea you had your sights set on, understand that you can still find ways to shine in the rest of the process.

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