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5 Excellent Ideas For An English Literature Dissertation

English literature is a complex and specialized field of study. It can be difficult to master at times. But this short article serves as a reminder that if the right approach is taken towards literary studies, researching dissertation ideas can be fairly easy. More importantly, it will be quite enjoyable. All this short article does for now is give five excellent ideas for an English literature dissertation.

How to begin

Beginning is quite easy. You do not, at this stage, need to be a specialist in the literary genre. You can take your current field of interest, for example, crime fiction, and apply it to your literary studies. You could also analyze how effective the story’s narrative is in dealing with suspense.

What is an English literature dissertation?

As you begin your readings and essay writing preparations, you also need to take note of distinct differences between a literature dissertation and other academic subjects. To begin with, when thinking about your criticism or literary analysis, know that there are no wrong answers. Arguments are always valid provided that they have been presented correctly by academic conventions and respond directly to the thesis question if this is given.

Research proposal ideas

Five excellent ideas for an English literature dissertation are briefly outlined here. As mentioned, you may, by now, have your ideas.

  • Cultural studies – Align your literature paper proposal with inquiries on cultural diversity.
  • Translated texts – Working with Latin American authors is one excellent example of linking this genre to cultural studies.
  • Genre studies – First make sure that you understand what is meant by genre. You can then narrow your studies to an area of specific interest to you.
  • Historical periods – By analyzing the evolution of the English language, particularly around the time of colonialism in the New World (essentially America) you can trace how historical developments affected the language.
  • Film and literature – As a popular genre on its own, linking the film with your literary studies could turn out to be the most rewarding idea. Think, for instance, how modern films have responded to original Shakespearian stories.

Where to find the best research material

Because you are dealing specifically with literary texts, you need to research the texts itself. It goes without saying that for your research work to be successful, you also need to perform close readings of the selected texts. And the best area of research for the subject of English literature remains the library.

Collating data and preparing for writing

Note taking is an essential component of research work and giving life to your English literature ideas. Take advantage of this practice.

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